quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012

Condições de crescimento aumentaram drasticamente

Lido no Chicago Tribune:

«On a recent visit to Portugal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel endured some nasty public protests, including displays of swastikas and catcalls such as, "Merkel Nazi, Go Away." As head of Europe's largest and most successful economy, Merkel is pushing fiscal discipline across the continent. She recognizes it is a tough path to follow. But she is exactly right when she notes that Portugal's "conditions for growth" have improved dramatically, as a result of "the courageous action of its government."»

E esta, hem?

E ainda, conforme salientado no Quarta República:

«Hollande has to muster the same political courage as leaders of Portugal and his counterpart, President Cavaco Silva, to make France competitive again.»

Que dirá Seguro?

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